Recently Citywire analysed 4000 funds over the last decade to discover the best performers. They tracked 4,180 funds across the 59 equity and bond sectors covered by their analysis teams.

So what did they discover Gold, natural resources and emerging markets Europe sectors performed very well. The top performer was the Austrian emerging market bond manager Peter Pühringer, delivering 631%
through his ZZ1 fund. Three of the 18 funds in the top 18 were managed by the impressive BlackRock’s Evy Hambro, BlackRock Gold & General, BGF World Gold Fund, and BGF World Mining Fund.

Spanish value fund manager Francisco García Paramés, the Bestinver founder, returned 298% with his domestic equity vehicle, Bestinver Bolsa, FI. Another country specialist in the top 18 is Nils Petter Hollekim with his Odin Sverige Swedish equity fund he has run for a decade.

Criteria for eligibility to the list included that the fund must be registered for sale in one of Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland or the UK and have a minimum initial investment of €15,000 or lower.