Choosing your pension is not an easy task. In most areas of life past performance is a really good predictor of future performance. With investments this is not necessarily the case. Therefore, it is often best to investigate the fund managers and pension providers in order to find consistently strong performance over time and across funds. That way you can judge future performance through an assessment of the skill of people choosing the funds, rather than on the funds themselves (which are subject to ups and may have got lucky).

Pension providers are advertising everywhere nowadays; on tv; on billboards; on the internet. Skandia Life even sponsor Cowes Week. Pension providers are constantly trying to raise their profile and enhance their reputation. So how do you find out which one will suit your needs best?

Independent Financial Advisers will normally have excellent knowledge of the range of funds different pension providers have access to, the performance of different fund managers, the charges, and the performance of individual funds and sectors. If you would like to do some research yourself there is some really good information here Citywire Analysis.