The investment vehicle that is right for one person is not necessarily correct for another. When looking at investments you need to factor in the whole picture to make sure you get on the right road. Some of the things that could be important are:

• How much disposable income you have got
• How near to retirement age you are
• Whether your financial situation is likely to change in the future
• What tax threshold you are at
• What level of income you require in retirement
• What other financial provisions you have
• Your attitude to investment and risk

The best pension for you is one you can afford, will meet your retirement income goals, and fits in with your attitude to the investment gain/loss relationship. In some cases another investment vehicle, such as an IAS, may even suit your circumstances better.

We always suggest that if any doubt about your pension you speak to a financial adviser. They will be able to look at your situation and recommend products and funds that tick as many boxes as possible.